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Fursuit Commissions

Quotes and commissions are closed for the foreseeable future as I focus on premades and personal work with the intention of experimenting and improving my skill level!

Prices may be subject to change but the current mini partial cost starts at £1800 (GBP)

Terms of Service

  •  - I do not work with or sell to minors, if I'm suspicious of your age I'm well within my right to request ID as proof. 

  • - Payment is required upfront before work will be started on your commission. This also applies to people commissioning using a payment plan.

  • - 30% non refundable down payment is required to hold your slot/ reserve interest in a premade, this is used to cover the cost of materials and time. This still applies even when paying in a lump sum.

  • - If you cancel a commission that I've already started working on then a refund will be calculated based on the amount that has been completed. 
    The 30% non refundable down payment will remain non refundable in all of these cases.

  • - Shipping is not included in the commission quote, this will be calculated after the suit has been boxed and weighed, the buyer must be prepared to cover the cost. The package will be fully insured, tracked and signed for and is shipped from the UK.

  • - Suits have an 8 month warranty, if you have any issues during this time repairs will be free but any after that will come with a small repair fee, shipping is to be covered by the buyer in both cases. 

  • - All fursuits will likely be subject to some form of minor human error, I try my absolute hardest to create high quality durable suits but occasionally cosmetic flaws like asymmetry, bald spots and wrinkles do come up. I'm extremely confident in the quality of what I produce and always do my best to fix said issues but please do be aware that I'm only one person and I am capable of making mistakes. 

  • - A clear reference sheet is a necessity for an accurate suit, if you make any changes to your reference during the commission process you may be charged an extra fee as that wasn't what was quoted. Please be completely sure and clear on what you want up front.

  • - I reserve the right to cancel commissions, if I'm the one to cancel a full refund will be issued.

  • - Anoverratedartist as both a business and an individual does NOT tolerate or work with zoophiles, pedophiles, racists, bigots, abusers, transphobes, homophobes or anyone willing to defend such actions, you aren’t welcome here and I’m not interested in doing business with you.  

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